Recent Funeral Services

The Knightswood Congregation mourns the loss of Etta Maclean. Her funeral service was held on the 3rd of April, and due to current restrictions many who would have wished to gather for the Public Worship were unable to do so. For the comfort of those who would like to listen again the full service can be downloaded here.

Compounding our sorrow further was the loss of Reverend John J. Murray the same week as Etta. His funeral service was conducted on the 8th of April and a recording of the full service for the comfort of the Lord’s People is available here.

“Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ”

Service Streaming

In light of the challenge posed to public worship by Covid-19 the Knightswood Congregation is keen that as many as possible make use of the available broadcast service to continue to learn from the Bible in these challenging times.

The Minister, Reverend William Macleod, will continue to preach every Sabbath at 11am and 6pm, and although the church is closed to the public the whole service can be obtained by tuning in to the broadcast.  Please continue to uphold the Minister in prayer.

On Tuesday at 7.30pm the weekly Bible Study will also continue.

All broadcasts will include the prayers, singing, Bible reading, and preaching. Intimations will also be broadcast. Although not a substitute for attending Church services, we hope that through the online broadcast we can all learn more of Christ crucified and be sanctified by the truth of God’s Word. 

Times of Services

Sunday Services: 11.00am and 6.00pm

Bible study: Tuesday 7.30pm

The services are streamed live online at

You can also call in from a mobile or landline on 0141 255 1541

Congregational Notice

The Knightswood Congregation mourns the loss of the former Session Clerk, and Senior Elder, of the Congregation Mr John MacPherson who died on Saturday the 31st of August 2019. John was a faithful servant of Jesus Christ and a great friend to all in the congregation.

“And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them” – Revelation 14:13

Communion Season Closes

The Congregation expressed its thanks to God for another pleasant and encouraging Communion season which ran from Thursday 15th March to the Lord’s Day 18th March.

On Thursday the neighbouring Minister Reverend Andrew Allan spoke on “The Great Catch” recorded in Luke 5. Providentially studies in Luke continued when the presiding Minister for the rest of the weekend (Reverend Raymond Kemp) took his message for Friday from Luke 8, regarding the woman with the issue of blood,  and allowing the congregation to look more closely at “The Faith that Heals“.

On Saturday, prior to the members being given their communion tokens, the congregation again gathered under the preaching of God’s Word and heard a powerful message regarding the saints communion with Christ, taking the Song of Solomon chapter 2 as his focus allowing those under the word to meditate on “The provisions of the Apple Tree“.

When the Lord’s Day arrived, Glasgow had been hit with a flurry of snow which had left road conditions near the Partick Congregation particularly dangerous. It was decided that their services would be cancelled and the congregation invited to join with Knightswood. This lead to a very encouraging turnout.

Those who were able to get out were treated to two fine sermons. Firstly, the congregation was commanded to behold the Lord Jesus Christ, as Mr Kemp laboured on the text “Behold the Man” (John 19:5) while in the evening a challenging message was delivered from Psalm 103. This saw many from the East End of the city join with the congregation.

While much thanks was due to the visiting Ministers and those who behind the scenes who had made the church comfortable, it was pressed home that the real thing that had to be done was that the Lord was to be thanked for his goodness. The evening service is suitably a challenging one then “Remembering to bless the Lord“.

After the evening service, Reverend Kemp spoke of the Lord’s Work in his own life. Despite having been an English teacher, he quipped that he would be providing geography lessons to the Minister of our Congregation after a discussion of the intricacies of the geography of Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

Mr Kemp asked that the Congregation would remember his own congregation in prayer. Rather than asking for money or advertising – Mr Kemp asked that we would seek for the Spirit to work.

Reverend Raymond Kemp labours in the Isle of Skye. In the congregation of Kilmuir & Stenscholl (Staffin) which has greatly changed since the days where Reverend Kenneth Macleod recorded “I saw so many young people present and realised what an influence our Church has got in this place”.

In Knightswood, and in Staffin, our only hope and confidence is placed in the Lord. It is by his grace that the Kingdom shall be built. Indeed, as Mr Kemp has previously declared to the Free Church School in Theology: the Lord Jesus Christ shall build his church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

The Congregation in Staffin maintains a twitter account @StaffinFCC which posts edifying and uplifting content.

Southern Presbytery Colloquium

As announced on the denominational website the Southern Presbytery hoped to make use of the Knightswood building to hold a Colloquium on Saturday 20th January 2018. This went ahead and was enjoyed by all who attended.

The term “colloquium” indicates that the material was pitched at an academic level.

At the Colloquium 2 papers were given and a sermon was preached, with a time of fellowship between papers.

Beginning at 10am a Paper  on: ‘Musical Instruments in Worship?’ was given by Reverend E. Trevor Kirkland, Minister in Ballyclare & Doagh.

Then at 11:30am a second Paper  ‘Christ and the Covenant’ was given by Reverend William Macleod.

Tables were set up in the Church to allow people to eat a packed lunch and after a few cups of tea the meeting continued with a sermon from Reverend Andrew Allan on Revelation 2:10 entitled  ‘Be Faithful’

Presbytery Lecture: Reformation Day

The Southern Presbytery of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) held a public lecture in the Knightswood Free Church building on 31st October 2017 – marking 500 years since the great Protestant Reformer Martin Luther kick-started the Protestant Reformation.  The talk by Reverend John J Murray is available on the denominational website.

Luther, used by God to great effect, is perhaps fairly well known by name – but increasingly people do not appreciate the great benefits he brought to the Christian church. Being used by God to encourage the recovery of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

During recent weeks the congregation has benefited from a closer examination of Reformation Principles. Looking at the “Five Solas” of the Protestant Reformation. As a congregation we have examined  “Sola Scriptura“; “Sola Fide“; “Sola Gratia“; “Solus Christus” and “Soli Deo Gloria” under the preaching of Reverend William Macleod.