The Covenant of Grace

As part of our studies in the Larger Catechism we have addressed the covenant of grace under the Old and New Testaments.

Have you considered before how different the Worship of the Old Testament was compared to that which we are used to? Three times a year, adults had to go to Jerusalem. Foods were termed clean or unclean. Death in the family or disease placed a complicated burden on families. But, was salvation any different? Was salvation achieved by keeping of rules and regulations? No! Or as the Minister puts it “[that is] totally wrong…by works nobody can be saves”.

You can find the administration of the Covenant of Grace in the Old Testament in this sermon and compare it to how that Covenant is administered today in the New Testament.

Congregational Changes

On the 30th April 2017, Reverend James Haram was inducted to the office of Elder in the Knightswood Congregation and joined the Kirk Session. Mr Alastair Manderson was ordained and inducted to the office of Elder in the Congregation and joined the Kirk Session. A sermon was preached by the pastor and can be found on sermonaudio here.

The Minister of the Congregation is no longer the editor of the Denominational magazine “The Free Church Witness” but backdated copies since 2006 of the magazine during his time as editor are available here.  To start from the oldest copies and work your way into modernity, you may wish to begin here.

It is hoped that the Minister Reverend William Macleod will take up a role teaching Systematic Theology at the Free Church Seminary, in addition to the present workload as Minister of Knightswood Congregation of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing).


Upcoming Communion Season

On Thursday evening 16th March 2017 at 7.30pm, the congregation will begin the preparatory services for the Lord’s Supper. The expected preacher on Thursday is Reverend Andrew Allan, on Friday (7.30pm), Saturday (7.30pm) and on the Sabbath  (11am & 6.30pm) the expected preacher is Reverend James Clark.

Visitors are warmly invited to worship the Lord Jesus Christ and to learn of his Gospel as the congregation meets for the solemn purpose of hearing the Word of God preached and the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper administered. All will be made very welcome, and those who are the Lord’s People can speak to the Elders prior to the Lord’s Day morning in order to obtain a Communion token.

The services will be broadcast live, God willing, on the Bible Sermons website and people unable to attend at 361 Fulton Street can find their way with less petrol to the online stream. Please note however, that it is an audio only broadcast.

Reformation Conference

A conference organised by the Southern Presbytery of the FCC celebrating the 450th anniversary of the Reformation in Scotland will be held in Knightswood Free Church (Continuing) on Saturday 23rd October.

11am Rev John Morrison Lecturer in Theology at the Free Church Seminary will speak on “The Scottish Reformation – A Work of God”.

1.30pm Rev David Silversides minister of Loughbricklands Reformed Presbyterian church, Northern Ireland will speak on “The Scottish Reformation – Its Relevance for Today”

Bring your own packed lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided.

All Welcome.

EDIT 23Oct2010: MP3 recordings of the talks are available on the following pages:
The Scottish Reformation – A Work of God, by Rev John Morrison
The Scottish Reformation – Its Relevance for Today, by Rev David Silversides

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life”

Three evangelistic sermons were preached following our entrance to our new church building in Knightswood where for many years John 14:6 has been prominently displayed.

Click on the players below to play the sermons, or click on the titles to be taken to where you can download them.

The Gift of a New Church

(Written as an account soon after the event by A photo of Rev William Macleod, minister of Knightswood FCC churchRev William Macleod, the minister of Knightswood FCC).

People say there is no such thing as a free lunch but they are wrong. With our loving God all is free. He gave us His Son to be our Saviour. Daily He pours down upon us His gifts and mercies. We in Thornwood congregation of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) have recently been amazingly reminded of this in God’s provision for us. We had been without a church building since the division in the Free Church in 2000, and had worshipped in the assembly hall of Thornwood Primary School. We were thankful for this convenient location, the low rent charged by Glasgow City Council and the courtesy and helpfulness of the janitor. But there were times when we longed and prayed for our own church building. However with the high price of property we had become more or less reconciled to the impossibility of owning our own building. Then, out of the blue, we were offered a well-fitted and highly suitable church building just ready for us to walk in. If we had been given several million pounds to spend in building a church for ourselves this is exactly what we would have desired. God knows what we need.

The school where we had been meeting had the disadvantage of being very close in location to the other Free Church (Continuing) congregation in West Glasgow, Partick, on Crow Road. But the new church is over two miles away in the Knightswood area, an entirely distinct part of Glasgow, but one where many of the congregation already live, and where in the providence of God much recent outreach work has been carried out. The congregation had already made arrangements to start a Wednesday evening outreach Bible study in Knightswood Community Centre for the winter, and has done extensive leafleting and visitation to reach local residents with the Gospel message, particularly in the high-rise council flats. The new church is eminently suitable for this work, being only an easy ten-minute-walk from the flats.

The new church building has flexible seating for over 200, a back hall seating 40 which is suitable for prayer meetings, a kitchen and two additional rooms which could serve for a Sabbath School. The whole building is in excellent condition and has been extremely well maintained. Sited at Knightswood Cross, just off Great Western Road, it is easily found and is on a busy bus route.

The building had been a Gospel Hall owned by a conservative Brethren assembly. Sadly, this group had been in numerical decline for some years, and has decided to disband as their leading brother has been forced to give up the work due to ill health. The Trust under which the Hall was held stated that the building or its sale value must be used for the furtherance of the gospel in Knightswood. The local members generously decided to offer it to us for the work of the Lord. We hope to change our name to Knightswood Free Church (Continuing).

When our congregation were informed at a meeting on Tuesday 14th October, they readily agreed to accept the offer. Our first service in the new church will be a prayer and thanksgiving meeting on Tuesday 21st October, with a formal opening service to follow in a few weeks time. The congregation has been greatly excited by this remarkable provision from the Lord, who has done “exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think,” and we ask for prayer that the Lord will now help us to reach out with the gospel in this new location and that many souls will be saved for His glory. All our services from now on will be held at Knightswood FCC, 361 Fulton Street, Glasgow, G13 2SP (Sunday 11am and 6.30pm & Tuesdays 7.30pm).

Some of our own elders with Mr Bell the Brethren elder the day we were being shown around:
Some of our own elders with Mr Bell the Brethren elder the day we were being shown around:

The interior of Knightswood FCC church:
The interior of Knightswood FCC church

History of the Knightswood Congregation

Following the division of the Free Church of Scotland on January 20th 2000, the Thornwood congregation was formed by a coming together of those who adhered to the side known as the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing). They met in Thornwood Primary School, hence the name. They were pastored by the Rev Henry J T Woods who was the minister of Paisley at the time of the division. An Act of Assembly was passed in 2001 which brought about a union of the four congregations which they represented – East Kilbride, Briton Street, Partick Highland and Paisley.
In 2005 the Rev Henry J T Woods accepted a call to Beauly Congregation and the Rev William Macleod of Portree accepted a call the following year and was inducted as minister. The Dumbarton congregation was joined to Thornwood by an Act of Assembly in 2008.

In October 2008 the congregation was gifted the Gospel Hall at Knightswood Cross by the Brethren Group who worshipped there. They had become elderly and small in numbers and their desire was that the Thornwood Congregation take over and continue to preach the Gospel in Knightswood. A more detailed account can be read here.

The Free Church began services in East Kilbride in 1956, under the leadership of the Rev Donald Gibson, then in Govanhill Free Church. Services actually began in one local home, but were then held in the Y M C A and Scout Hall respectively, until the present church building was completed, The first minister, the Rev David Paterson, was called in 1962.
At the Reconstitution in 2000 the congregation was vacant.

The union of Grant Street and Govan congregations was approved by the Commission of Assembly on 1st March 1995. The Grant Street congregation was the direct descendant of Duke Street Gaelic Church which was formed in 1798 as Glasgow’s second Gaelic charge. In 1843 the congregation (but not the minister) joined the Free Church and following many difficulties built a new church on Mains Street. In 1900 the minister and congregation adhered to the Free Church and continued to worship in Mains Street until 1930 when Grant Street United Free Church was purchased. Following deterioration of the building the Grant Street Church was vacated in 1990.
Services for the Gaelic-speaking community in Govan began in 1862 and were continued for eleven years by a probationer. The charge was sanctioned in 1874 and a minister settled. A church was erected in 1877. The minister in 1900 entered the Union and the congregation was vacant until the induction of the Rev Farquhar Matheson in 1913.
At the Reconstitution in 2000 the congregation was vacant.

The congregation of Partick Highland has its roots in the movement to Glasgow of people from the Western Isles, particularly Lewis, seeking employment in the city. It began as a Gaelic mission and was raised to the status of a fully sanctioned charge in 1924. In 1937 the congregation moved to 35 Dowanhill Street, Partick.
At the Reconstitution in 2000 the congregation was vacant.

The congregation was formed and a church built in 1961 as a result of mission outreach from Govan Free Church. The Rev Murdo Martin was inducted to the charge the following year. The Rev Henry J T Woods was the second minister.