Congregational Changes

On the 30th April 2017, Reverend James Haram was inducted to the office of Elder in the Knightswood Congregation and joined the Kirk Session. Mr Alastair Manderson was ordained and inducted to the office of Elder in the Congregation and joined the Kirk Session. A sermon was preached by the pastor and can be found on sermonaudio here.

The Minister of the Congregation is no longer the editor of the Denominational magazine “The Free Church Witness” but backdated copies since 2006 of the magazine during his time as editor are available here.  To start from the oldest copies and work your way into modernity, you may wish to begin here.

It is hoped that the Minister Reverend William Macleod will take up a role teaching Systematic Theology at the Free Church Seminary, in addition to the present workload as Minister of Knightswood Congregation of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing).


Upcoming Communion Season

On Thursday evening 16th March 2017 at 7.30pm, the congregation will begin the preparatory services for the Lord’s Supper. The expected preacher on Thursday is Reverend Andrew Allan, on Friday (7.30pm), Saturday (7.30pm) and on the Sabbath  (11am & 6.30pm) the expected preacher is Reverend James Clark.

Visitors are warmly invited to worship the Lord Jesus Christ and to learn of his Gospel as the congregation meets for the solemn purpose of hearing the Word of God preached and the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper administered. All will be made very welcome, and those who are the Lord’s People can speak to the Elders prior to the Lord’s Day morning in order to obtain a Communion token.

The services will be broadcast live, God willing, on the Bible Sermons website and people unable to attend at 361 Fulton Street can find their way with less petrol to the online stream. Please note however, that it is an audio only broadcast.

Reformation Conference

A conference organised by the Southern Presbytery of the FCC celebrating the 450th anniversary of the Reformation in Scotland will be held in Knightswood Free Church (Continuing) on Saturday 23rd October.

11am Rev John Morrison Lecturer in Theology at the Free Church Seminary will speak on “The Scottish Reformation – A Work of God”.

1.30pm Rev David Silversides minister of Loughbricklands Reformed Presbyterian church, Northern Ireland will speak on “The Scottish Reformation – Its Relevance for Today”

Bring your own packed lunch. Tea and coffee will be provided.

All Welcome.

EDIT 23Oct2010: MP3 recordings of the talks are available on the following pages:
The Scottish Reformation – A Work of God, by Rev John Morrison
The Scottish Reformation – Its Relevance for Today, by Rev David Silversides