Southern Presbytery Colloquium

As announced on the denominational website the Southern Presbytery hopes to make use of the Knightswood building to hold a Colloquium on Saturday 20th January 2018.

The term “colloquium” indicates that the material is pitched at an academic level and the Southern Presbytery notes that these papers will be beneficial to all office-bearers in the Church. All other men are welcome to attend as well, as the Southern Presbytery is aware it most equip the next generation of Office-Bearers.

At the Colloquium 2 papers are given and a sermon is preached, with a time of fellowship between papers.

This year we expect the following programme:

Beginning at 10am a Paper  on: ‘Musical Instruments in Worship?’ is expected to be given by Rev Trevor Kirkland, followed by a time of discussion. After this a short break where tea and biscuits will be provided.

Then at 11:30am a second Paper  ‘Christ and the Covenant’ will be delivered by Rev William Macleod, followed by discussion.

Tables are set up in the Church to allow people to eat a packed lunch that they have brought. Hot and cold drinks will again be available from the kitchen.

Lunch will end around 1:30pm, and a sermon will be preached by Reverend Andrew Allan. The colloquium will be completely wrapped up by 3pm.


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