The Scottish Reformation: Its Relevance for Today

Rev David Silversides is the minister of Loughbricklands Reformed Presbyterian church, Northern Ireland. He recently spoke at a conference organised by the Southern Presbytery of the FCC celebrating the 450th anniversary of the Reformation in Scotland. It was held at Knightswood Free Church (Continuing).

2 thoughts on “The Scottish Reformation: Its Relevance for Today”

  1. My wife and I attended the morning and afternoon lectures,blessed abundantly, our knowledge much increased on the history of Scotland’s Reformation,during this 450th. year.Anniversary

    Many thanks to the people of God, for their kind hospitality.

    We give thanks to God, for stalwarts in the calibre of Rev.John Morrison,and the Rev.David Silversides,for their faithful preaching,and warnings,from God’s word.

    We left Knightswood, enriched,humbled, and a Heart for Scotland.

    Echoing James Renwick’s prayer from the scaffold 17thFebruary 1688.

    Lord I die in the faith that thou wilt not leave Scotland,but that thou wilt make the blood of thy witnesses the seed of thy church,and return again and be Glorious in our land.

    In Christ

    George Mc Millan.


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