The Gift of a New Church

(Written as an account soon after the event by A photo of Rev William Macleod, minister of Knightswood FCC churchRev William Macleod, the minister of Knightswood FCC).

People say there is no such thing as a free lunch but they are wrong. With our loving God all is free. He gave us His Son to be our Saviour. Daily He pours down upon us His gifts and mercies. We in Thornwood congregation of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) have recently been amazingly reminded of this in God’s provision for us. We had been without a church building since the division in the Free Church in 2000, and had worshipped in the assembly hall of Thornwood Primary School. We were thankful for this convenient location, the low rent charged by Glasgow City Council and the courtesy and helpfulness of the janitor. But there were times when we longed and prayed for our own church building. However with the high price of property we had become more or less reconciled to the impossibility of owning our own building. Then, out of the blue, we were offered a well-fitted and highly suitable church building just ready for us to walk in. If we had been given several million pounds to spend in building a church for ourselves this is exactly what we would have desired. God knows what we need.

The school where we had been meeting had the disadvantage of being very close in location to the other Free Church (Continuing) congregation in West Glasgow, Partick, on Crow Road. But the new church is over two miles away in the Knightswood area, an entirely distinct part of Glasgow, but one where many of the congregation already live, and where in the providence of God much recent outreach work has been carried out. The congregation had already made arrangements to start a Wednesday evening outreach Bible study in Knightswood Community Centre for the winter, and has done extensive leafleting and visitation to reach local residents with the Gospel message, particularly in the high-rise council flats. The new church is eminently suitable for this work, being only an easy ten-minute-walk from the flats.

The new church building has flexible seating for over 200, a back hall seating 40 which is suitable for prayer meetings, a kitchen and two additional rooms which could serve for a Sabbath School. The whole building is in excellent condition and has been extremely well maintained. Sited at Knightswood Cross, just off Great Western Road, it is easily found and is on a busy bus route.

The building had been a Gospel Hall owned by a conservative Brethren assembly. Sadly, this group had been in numerical decline for some years, and has decided to disband as their leading brother has been forced to give up the work due to ill health. The Trust under which the Hall was held stated that the building or its sale value must be used for the furtherance of the gospel in Knightswood. The local members generously decided to offer it to us for the work of the Lord. We hope to change our name to Knightswood Free Church (Continuing).

When our congregation were informed at a meeting on Tuesday 14th October, they readily agreed to accept the offer. Our first service in the new church will be a prayer and thanksgiving meeting on Tuesday 21st October, with a formal opening service to follow in a few weeks time. The congregation has been greatly excited by this remarkable provision from the Lord, who has done “exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think,” and we ask for prayer that the Lord will now help us to reach out with the gospel in this new location and that many souls will be saved for His glory. All our services from now on will be held at Knightswood FCC, 361 Fulton Street, Glasgow, G13 2SP (Sunday 11am and 6.30pm & Tuesdays 7.30pm).

Some of our own elders with Mr Bell the Brethren elder the day we were being shown around:
Some of our own elders with Mr Bell the Brethren elder the day we were being shown around:

The interior of Knightswood FCC church:
The interior of Knightswood FCC church

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