Our Distinctives

Reformed – We thank God for the Reformation and adhere wholeheartedly to the Reformed Confessions especially the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Evangelical – We believe that salvation is only by faith in the sacrifice which Christ offered on Calvary.

Biblical – We accept the full authority of the Scriptures as the infallible, inerrant Word of God and the only rule for faith and life.

– We lay great emphasis on Christian experiences. Heart knowledge is as vital as head knowledge.

Psalm Singing – We believe in purity of worship – worshipping God as He Himself commands in the Bible. He has given us a book of songs, the Psalms, they are inspired and we cannot find a better hymnbook anywhere. We sing without instrumental music in worship because we follow the pattern laid down in the New Testament.

Expository Preaching – The preaching is the central part of our services. We do not preach man’s philosophies but God’s truth. In expounding the text we apply the Word of God to all of life.

Presbyterian – We are part of the Presbytery of Glasgow in the Free Church (Continuing) which is a national church and indeed has congregations overseas.

Church Discipline – We believe in the importance of consistent Christian lives and sound doctrine. As a church we believe in disciplining those who flagrantly break God’s law, or who hold to heretical views.

Authorised Version, Reverent Worship – In a day when anything goes in worship and most churches aim to entertain man, we try to please God by worshipping Him ‘in spirit and in truth’. We use the Authorised Version of the Bible because of its accuracy, majestic style and memorability.

Loving – Our congregation is a most loving, caring and welcoming church.

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